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e-Commerce platform for pet lovers

Pet lovers like to spoil their companions for their unconditional love. This e-commerce platform offers high quality products and fast delivery, always finding fashion accesories for their pets.

Presentation website, Full-stack development, Mobile development, Web hosting services


Frontend => Laravel Blade Templates, Livewire, TailwindCSS, GSAP
Backend => Laravel 8

Project overview

Animal lovers are always searching the best outfits and accessories for their pets. An online market place with different categories designated to their fashion needs was the solution.


A platform that is shaped to highlight products for pets was executed by our team of experts. The competition was analysed and an action plan was designed. The main strengths of the brand were deliberated and the execution started.

Project results

An online shop with all facilities brought by e-commerce was realized to make the perfect digital journey for pet owners.

I have worked with Cryptocube on a e-commerce website. What I found while working with them is that they truly put passion into it and they care about the needs & values of the clients which is a big advantage in this domain. For me, it was the best choice to work with them. On-time, professionals and with a keen eye for details and design.

Urban Paws