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HODL Platform for Bitcoin

Is a simple way to buy Bitcoin even in micro quantities. You can HODL Bitcoin until the price increases thus obtaining profit.

Blockchain development, Presentation website, Full-stack development, Mobile development, Web hosting services


Frontend => Vite, TailwindCSS, GSAP
Backend => Laravel 8

Project overview

The cryptocurrencies clients wanted a place where they could keep the coins for an unlimited time with no restrictions.


The PRO ATM was extended to have a HODL section where clients can buy Bitcoins. Using this the balance can be checked in real time.

Project results

An easy digital solution that can be accessed from everywhere at anytime that acts like a store and has simple user flow.

We have developed multiple solutions, software and hardware, that are interconnected. They delivered real-time performance, reliability and scalability of our mission-critical role secure IT infrastructure.

Bitcoin Romania