Bitcoin Romania

Direct cryptocurrency trading platform

Trade Bitcoin and Ether in direct counterparty with other traders through this platform. Thus, the intermediary part and its commission is eliminated, the exchange of these cryptocurrencies becoming easy and inexpensive

Blockchain development, Full-stack development, Mobile development


Frontend => Vue2, Bootstrap
Backend => Laravel, Backpack

Project overview

The Romanian market request was to benefit from a localbitcoins platform, where the selling and buying of bitcoins can be realised peer to peer with an admin approval.


Ispired by localbitcoins the procedures were simplified. Each client can buy & sell cryptocurrencies at the price desired as long as the buyer or seller agrees.

Project results

A complementary tool for the main exchange which allows clients to transfer easily cryptocurrencies to others.

We have developed multiple solutions, software and hardware, that are interconnected. They delivered real-time performance, reliability and scalability of our mission-critical role secure IT infrastructure.

Bitcoin Romania